Premises Liability

Typical Slip and Fall

Whenever you visit a grocery store, you’ll often see several managers and lower-level employees walking down the aisles. While they may be restocking certain goods, they’re also there to make sure that any spilled goods are quickly cleaned up so they won’t become fall hazards to shoppers. Grocery store owners know they must be proactive about preventing slip and fall accidents on their premises. Likewise, most office building owners recognize their duty during rainy or snowy weather to have workers put out rubber mats near entrances and exits to prevents slip and fall accidents.

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Construction Site Accidents

Construction site supervisors are also aware that they have a duty to help workers avoid accidents while working on scaffolds and platforms, or walking beneath large cranes moving heavy loads of materials overhead. Every effort must be made to maintain a safe workplace in keeping with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) guidelines designed to keep workers safe.

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Structural Defects in Buildings

Anyone can suffer a serious fall or other traumatic injury due to a structural defect. This type of accident is just as likely to occur on the job as it is within your own home. After you’ve hired a private contractor to make changes to any structure, you must carefully inspect the premises to be sure all rebuilt areas are up to code. Likewise, when you move into a new home, it’s always wise to employ a safety expert to check out each Staircase or even your outdoor deck to be sure it’s completely stable.

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Fires and Explosions Can Lead to Costly Liability Lawsuits

Every few months, another California business suffers a terrible fire or explosion that often inflicts serious or event fatal damage to workers or others nearby. When this type of event involves a hazardous chemical or utility company, the results can even prove catastrophic.

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Premises Liability Services

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